Built to Order - How To


Choose a Piece

Choose a Piece

Choose a Piece


Let's talk details and pricing.

Pricing is determined off the style you choose for a piece as well as the dimensions!

Stop by our showroom and see, feel and smell some of our work in person.


Choose a Stain

Choose a Piece

Choose a Piece

To make your decision easier, we offer 5 different stains.

Golden Oak (bottom right) 

Walnut (bottom left) 

Kona (middle)

Light Grey (top left)

Dark Grey (top right)


Place a Deposit

Place a Deposit

Place a Deposit

 We require a 40% deposit to begin all orders. 

Once the deposit has been received we begin working on your order. 



Place a Deposit

Place a Deposit

Once your piece is complete we email  to arrange pick up 

or delivery.​

Final Balance Due Upon Completion.

Delivery is additional and optional but affordable.  Customer pick up is always welcome and preferred!
We will load for you at no cost. (You protect and tie down)

Frequent Questions

- Pricing

We offer standard dimensions for all the pieces we make. If you are customizing our dimensions there is a base customization fee of +$150 on all pieces >$500 and +$220 on all pieces <$500.

If you are placing a custom order in Houston, there is an additional fee of $60 per piece which covers getting the piece to our Houston Showroom. 

Since everything is built from scratch and built to order, pricing will depend on details such as dimensions, materials and add-ons. For example: Drawers, casters, wood with steel encasing, power outlets, grommets, etc. 

- Quotes

You can either make an appointment to discuss in person  or email us your ideas, along with dimensions and details and we will do our best to provide a quote within 48 hrs. Lets be honest, there's nothing like a face to face consultation. 

- Catalog

Nope...Sorry, but not really sorry.
Due to the nature of the business,  each piece is individual and unique. Just for you. We will gladly show you pictures of similar pieces we have done in the past to give you ideas of the final product.

- Our Policy

No returns on custom orders.

We have a 1 year warranty on every piece.

We hand pick and test for moisture content all of our wood but sometimes natural wood changes (cracking,splitting etc..) are unavoidable and beyond our control and are not warranted.

Metal is cleaned and sealed, but certain humidity conditions can create "surface rust" on the metal.

Powder coating of the metal will have a longer lasting, moisture resistant finish and it is available upon request for an additional charge.

We stand behind every piece we build and will work with you on any problems you might encounter.

- How to Care for Your New Furniture

Love your piece and use it often, 

No harsh chemicals, 

Keep dry,

Clean wood with a moist towel and wipe off immediately, metal can be wiped off with a dry rag.

Apply Furniture Wax as needed to the wood (every six months or so) to protect and revive.

Build memories and show it off as much as possible!