Add ons & Customizations

This page is to help guide our shoppers through the different types of add ons customization's Atico Furniture offers! 

Lingo explained best through pictures...(  ;

Build a piece

Bread Boards

Diagonal Boards and the Ends of The Table Top

Wood Accent

* Steel Top Only *

Wood Trim Accent Around the Edges of the Table Top.

Double Thickness

Two Layers of Wood To Create 3" Top Thickness

Simple Return

A Simple Return Will Consist of a Matching [to the Desk] Top and Two Steel Legs on the End for Support. 

Enclosed Return

An Enclosed Return is Enclosed with Matching [to the Desk] Style and Top, It Will Be Full Enclosure.


Wheels ( ; 

Over Table Encased

Over Table Encasing Allows for a Metal 1 1/2" Edge Around the Top of the Table Top that is Flush with the wood on the Top. 

Cannot be Done on Round Edges.

Under Table Encased

Under Table Encasing Allows for a Metal Edge to be Exposed Around the Edge of the Table Top.

Industrial Straps

Steel Straps Welded on Both Ends of the Wooden Surface Top.


Welded on Fasteners Used to Hold Down Steel Edges Around the Table Top

Steel Accents

Steel Tubing That is Between the Wood Pieces.


Hole on Top of Desk that Allows for Wires and Cords to be Dropped Under the Desk Top